US Organic Food Market Outlook 2020


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During the last decade, in the US, growing health concerns, unnecessary use of food additives, and contamination of environment through chemicals and pesticides have led the country witness a growth of organic food demand in the market. The industry has been catering to all kinds of product segment, and the increasing demand of organic foods can be witnessed in supermarkets, retail stores, and farmer’s markets. Further, the future holds a sea of opportunities growing, as the consumption of organic food shoots to larger heights.

As per the RNCOS latest research study “US Organic Food Market Outlook 2020”, the country’s organic food industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10% during 2015-2020. The industry provides immense growth in segments like fruits, vegetables, dairy products and beverages. The industry offers ocean of products and variants in multiple segments like packaged foods, meals, snacks, etc.

In addition, the report gives an insight of the consumption and supply patterns of different food segments in different parts of the US. Though, the focus has been inclined towards West coast, all top cities and states using or producing a particular food product has been mentioned in the report. The qualitative analysis of various product segments gives out a market landscape of organic industry in US, along with the details about top imported food in each segment, and the major organic products importing countries in all the segments.

Further, section on emerging market trends is provided in the report, as the market experiences an emerging growth of organic product delivery system and organic farming practices to protect the environment. Additionally, a ‘key players’ analysis is provided to help the client know the current market’s scenario and get accustomed to the existing competition in the US organic food industry. Business overview of key players coupled with strategic analyses of their strengths and weaknesses, further complete the picture of the competitive landscape. In all, the report presents a comprehensive look at the sector’s past, present, and future scenarios, helping the client to make sound investment decision in US organic food market.


1. Analyst View
2. Research Methodology
3. Key Industry Trends and Drivers
3.1 Organic Product and Meal Delivery Industry Propelling The Market
3.2 Environmental Concerns Nurturing Organic Farming
3.3 F&B Companies Enter in Organic Food Sector
3.4 Consumers Prefer Locally Produced Fresh Organic Food
4. US Organic Food Market Outlook to 2020
4.1 By Product
4.1.1 Fruits and Vegetables
4.1.2 Packaged or Prepared Foods
4.1.3 Breads and Grains
4.1.4 Meat, Fish and Poultry
4.1.5 Dairy Products
4.1.6 Beverages
4.1.7 Snack Foods and Condiments
4.2 By Region
5. Key Players
5.1 Hain Celestial Group
5.2 General Mills
5.3 Amy’s Kitchen
5.4 Organic Valley
5.5 WhiteWave Foods
5.6 Kellogg

List of Figures:

Figure 4-1: US Organic Food Market (US$ Million), 2015-2020
Figure 4-2: Organic Fruits and Vegetables Market (US$ Million), 2015-2020
Figure 4-3: Organic Packaged or Prepared Food Market (US$ Million), 2015-2020
Figure 4-4 Organic Packaged or Prepared Food Market by type (%), 2015
Figure 4-5: Organic Breads and Grain Market (US$ Million), 2015-2020
Figure 4-6: Organic Meal, Fish and Poultry Products Market (US$ Million), 2015-2020
Figure 4-7: Organic Dairy Products Market (US$ Million), 2015-2020
Figure 4-8: US Organic Beverage Market (US$ Million), 2015-2020
Figure 4-9: US Organic Beverage Market by type (%), 2015
Figure 4-10: Snack Foods and Condiments Market (US$ Million), 2015-2020
Figure 4-11: Organic Food Operations by Region (%)

List of Tables:

Table 4-1: Top States in Organic Food Operations



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