Chromatography Resin Market by Application (Pharmaceutical, Food, Water & Environmental Analysis, Drug Discovery, Diagnostics), by Techniques (IEC, Affinity, HIC, SEC & Mixed) & by Type (Natural & Synthetic) -Trends & Forecast to 2018


◆タイトル:Chromatography Resin Market by Application (Pharmaceutical, Food, Water & Environmental Analysis, Drug Discovery, Diagnostics), by Techniques (IEC, Affinity, HIC, SEC & Mixed) & by Type (Natural & Synthetic) -Trends & Forecast to 2018
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The chromatography resin market is expected to grow at a decent pace during the coming decade driven by its increasing application in monoclonal antibody production and food analytics. Chromatography resins are primarily of two types; natural and synthetic. Inorganic media is also used in different chromatography processes. Chromatography resins are used in ion-exchange, affinity, size exclusion, hydrophobic interaction and mixed-mode techniques. Protein A resins captures the highest share of the market in terms of sales.

Process scale monoclonal antibody purification is the largest application area for chromatography resin. With rising critical diseases across the world, monoclonal antibody therapeutics is quickly gaining importance. As a result the chromatography resin market is expected to have a positive performance during the next decade. Food analytics is another area where these resins are used increasingly. In research and development arena, chromatography resins find widest application in drug discovery.

Geographically, North America is the major market for chromatography resin with around 40.8% of the market share in 2012. However, Asia-Pacific market is experiencing maximum growth in terms of consumption. This is primarily due to huge demand of pharmaceutical products from the large population of China and India. Moreover, emergence of a number of CMOs and CROs in Asia-Pacific is driving the growth of chromatography resin consumption in this geography.

Global Packaging Film: Market Consumption, by Geography, 2012

Chromatography Resins Market

Source: MarketsandMarkets Analysis

In terms of techniques, Ion exchange chromatography represents highest consumption. However, affinity chromatography resins represents major portion of the revenue. This is primarily due to the higher selling price for the affinity resins.

Scope of the Report

The global chromatography resin market is profoundly analyzed in terms of revenue ($million) and volume (‘000 MT) by the aforementioned classifications.

By Applications

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
Food Production
Water and Environmental Analysis
Academics and research
Drug Discovery
Analytical and Diagnostics
Genetic Engineering
By Geography

North America
Rest of the World
By Type

Natural Polymers
Synthetic Polymers
Inorganic Media
By Techniques

Hydrophobic Interaction
Size Exclusion


1 Introduction (Page No. – 16)
1.1 Key Take Aways
1.2 Report Description
1.3 Markets Covered
1.4 Stake Holders
1.5 Research Methodology
1.5.1 Market Size
1.5.2 Key Data Points Taken From Secondary Resources
1.5.3 List of Secondary Data Sources
1.5.4 Key Data Points Taken From Primary Sources
1.5.5 Assumptions Made for This Report

2 Executive Summary (Page No. – 22)

3 Premium Insights (Page No. – 24)
3.1 Market Segmentation
3.2 Asia-Pacific is The Best Market for Expansion
3.3 Revenue Trends, By Geography
3.4 North America-the Dominating Market
3.5 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing-the Major Chromatography Resin Application
3.6 Consumption Trends, By Application
3.7 Affinity Chromatography Resins Drive The Sales

4 Market Overview (Page No. – 31)
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Value Chain
4.3 Market Dynamics
4.3.1 Burning Issue Membrane Chromatography as A Substitute of Resin-Based Chromatography
4.3.2 Drivers Increasing Use of Separation Techniques in the Food Industry Growing Pharmaceutical Industry in Asia-Pacific Drives the Resin Demand Rising Demand for Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics
4.3.3 Restraints Productivity of Resins Regulatory Challenges in Downstream Application
4.3.4 Opportunities Increasing Number of CMOS & CROS in The Pharmaceutical Industry Growing Demand for Pre-Packed Columns Increasing Use of Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) in Analytics & Research Rising Demand for Biosimilars
4.3.5 Winning Imperatives Production of Cost Effective Resins
4.4 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
4.4.1 Degree of Competition
4.4.2 Suppliers’ Power
4.4.3 Buyers’ Power
4.4.4 Threat of New Entrants
4.4.5 Threat of Substitute
4.5 Patent Analysis

5 Chromatography Resins Market, By Type (Page No. – 52)
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Market Share Analysis, By Resin Type
5.3 Natural Polymers
5.4 Synthetic Polymers
5.5 Inorganic Media

6 Chromatography Resin Market, By Technique (Page No. – 59)
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Ion Exchange Chromatography Resins has the Highest Consumption Share
6.3 Affinity Chromatography Resins has the Highest Revenue Share
6.4 Ion Exchangechromatography Resins
6.4.1 Cation Exchange Resins
6.4.2 Anion Exchange Resins
6.5 Affinity Chromatography Resins
6.5.1 Bio-Specific Ligand-Based Affinity Resins Protein A Based Resins Protein G Based Resins Protein L Based Resins Lectin Affinity Chromatography Resins Others
6.5.2 Psuedo Bio-Specific Ligand Based Affinity Resins IMCA Resin DYE Ligands-Based Resins Others
6.6 Size Exclusion Chromatography Resins
6.7 Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography Resins
6.8 Mixed Mode Chromatography Resins
6.9 Others

7 Chromatography Resins Market, By Application (Page No. – 82)
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Market Share By Application
7.3 Industrial Application
7.3.1 Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Purification of Biopharmaceuticals Monoclonal Antibody Purification Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis of Drugs
7.3.2 Food Production Determination of The Nutritional Quality of Food Spoilage Detection in Food Detection of Food Additives
7.3.3 Water & Environmental Analysis Water & Waste Water Analysis Soil, Sludge, & Solid Waste Analysis
7.3.4 Market Share, By Industrial Application
7.4 Academic & Research Application
7.4.1 Drug Discovery
7.4.2 Diagnostics & Analytical
7.4.3 Genetic Engineering
7.4.4 Market Share, By Academics & Research Application

8 Chromatography Resins Market, By Geography (Page No. – 99)
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Chromatography Resins Consumption V/S Value
8.3 Market Share Analysis, By Geography
8.4 North America
8.4.1 Overview North American Chromatography Resins Consumption, By Application North American Chromatography Resin Market Value, By Country
8.4.2 U.S.
8.4.3 Canada
8.4.4 Others
8.5 Europe
8.5.1 Overview European Chromatography Resins Consumption, By Application European Chromatography Resin Sales, By Countries Germany Austria & Switzerland Scandinavia France U.K. Spain
8.6 Asia-Pacific
8.6.1 Overview Asia-Pacific: Chromatography Resins Consumption, By Application Asia-Pacific: Resin Sales, By Country Japan China India South Korea
8.7 Row
8.7.1 Overview ROW: Chromatography Resin Consumption By Application ROW: Resin Sales, By Country Brazil Australia & New Zealand Others

9 Competitive Landscape (Page No. – 125)
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Market Share Analysis
9.3 Strategic Developments
9.3.1 Maximum Developments, 2011
9.3.2 Competitive Developments, By the Top Four Players
9.3.3 Asia-Pacific: The Region With Maximum Development
9.3.4 New Product Launch: The Most Preferred Growth Strategy
9.3.5 Acquisitions
9.3.6 Expansion
9.3.7 Agreements

10 Company Profiles (Overview, Financial*, Products & Services, Strategy, and Developments) (Page No. – 141)
10.1 Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc.
10.2 Bio-Works Company Ltd.
10.3 GE Healthcare Life Sciences–A Division of GE Healthcare
10.4 JSR Micro Inc.
10.5 Kaneka Corporation
10.6 Knauer Gmbh
10.7 Life Technology Corporation
10.8 Merck Kgaa (Merck Millipore)
10.9 Pall Corporation
10.10 Purolite Corporation
10.11 Sepragen Corporation
10.12 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
10.13 Tosoh Corporation

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